Valley Strong Voices

The Valley Strong team is excited to introduce our newest offering – Valley Strong Voices! Valley Strong Voices intends to offer a forum for different voices and perspectives to be heard, covering a wide range of topics.

No Strangers in Here

It has been an interesting summer.  In the fly-by speed of it, I’ve barely had time to snap my fingers as all my plans seem to drift away on the mists of the rapidly evaporating rains.  (Another moment of thanks for the rain.  Though, I’m curious how the almost daily rains are affecting our valley […]

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The Sun Shines on Everyone in the Wet Mountain Valley

Rain. Finally, a good, drenching rain temporarily floods the streets of Westcliffe. I slosh through puddles from my car on the way into Sugarlump, where certain coziness and coffee a-flowing are a foregone conclusion. *Pause here for gratitudinous (yes, it’s a made-up word) rain dance.* It’s been a long time since I last found myself […]

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Calling all local writers!
Are you are interested in cultivating your craft by engaging in meaningful communication about your personal experiences living in the Valley?

Would you like to be a contributor to a project to promote appreciation, respect, and better understanding to strengthen connection and community in the Valley?

If this resonates, go check out our application at the link below to find out more information.

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